A brain for the beverage industry

28 September 2015

A brain for the beverage industry

Naturally, we’re also represented at the BrauBeviale 2015 in Nuremberg. Our F&B Industry Manager, Emilian Axinia, and his team will introduce comprehensive solutions with zenon for the Smart Brewery. They will demonstrate how our ergonomic software can function like the brain of the beverage industry 4.0 due to its flexibility and numerous interfaces.


Industry 4.0 also offers great opportunities and challenges for the creation of drinks: Ensuring competitiveness, resources and energy efficiency, quick adaptation to sales markets and increasing individualization. At this year’s BrauBeviale we will illustrate how the zenon Product Family is already supporting the Smart Brewery today.

But what characterizes a smart brewery of the future?

It can link local, intelligent systems to digital networks of machines and product components. It independently records data from its environment and then handles this within the production process. Production will thus become more flexible, small lot sizes can also be produced profitably, and predictive maintenance is organized by the machine itself. The ordering of materials as well as consumables, and even energy management, are becoming progressively automated. Machines that are designed to be open for different applications contribute to this. And software that can intelligently connect these machines and offer the human an ergonomic working environment.

Learn how to use the evolution of Industry 4.0

Part of a comprehensive software solution is not only to network all production areas but to provide comprehensive line management, batch control for creative brewing processes, monitor the OEE, as well as optimize energy consumption. COPA-DATA booth visitors can also test the HMI Multi-Touch technology for industrial environments first hand, and they can gain an overview of smart system architectures, where zenon data is connected from sensor right up to the cloud.
We look forward to seeing you at our booth and being able to let you become even smarter too!

Source: Copadata.com

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